One of the goals of the Kanelopoulos Law Firm is to help injured victims determine whether they need legal representation and then make it available to them in a friendly and comfortable environment. Another important goal of ours is to make it easy and cost-effective to utilize our services. There is never any fee charged unless we recover for you first. We also advance all legal costs so that there is no expense to the client in attempting to enforce their rights. The one thing that makes our law firm different from all the rest is that our fee will never be greater than your portion of a recovery if the case is settled prior to filing a lawsuit.

We are a trial law firm with 100% of our practice devoted to personal injury law. This makes us better than others for two reasons. First, because we only handle personal injury cases, we are more familiar with the law, the insurance companies, the medical community, defense lawyers and the courts. Secondly, trial lawyers know how to properly prepare a case to get you what you deserve without going to trial, but certainly will not walk away when the case gets tough. When the case has merit and the insurance company is being unreasonable, we will file a lawsuit and take the case to trial if it is in your best interests. We will then devote the resources necessary to fight the insurance company all the way to a jury verdict. This sends a strong message to the insurance companies which is better for our clients in the long run.

Because we devote all of our staff, resources, and energy to personal injury cases, we believe this results in a better outcome for our clients. In many cases, our services enhance the value of the client's claim enough to cover our fees. In the end, clients have avoided the misery and uncertainties of dealing directly with an insurance company. They also have the assurance that their claim was handled professionally, and have the confidence of knowing they received a fair and equitable recovery